The University of Strathclyde

The University of Strathclyde has published XRD data which is free to access under their terms and conditions. After reading these, visit their Powderdata website.

Included in the list of compounds are

  • Hydrochlorothiazide
  • 2-Mercaptobenzoic acid
  • N,N'-Bis-[1-pyridin-4-yl-meth-(E)-ylidene]-hydrazine
  • Carbamazepine (beta polymorph)
  • Dapsone
  • Hydroflumethiazide
  • Paracetamol (form I polymorph)
  • Paracetamol (form II polymorph)
  • Phenylacetic acid
  • 2-(Phenylsulfonyl)acetamide
  • Captopril
  • Methyl 4-[(4-aminophenyl)ethynyl]benzoate
  • Dichloro-bis(triphenylphosphine)-nickel(ii)
  • 2-(4-Hydroxy-2-oxo-2,3-dihydro-1,3-benzothiazol-7-yl)-ethyl-ammonium chloride
  • Salbutamol
  • trans-Di-isothiocyanato-bis(triphenylphosphine)-nickel
  • Dopamine hydrobromide
  • Methyl 4-{ [4-(dimethylamino)phenyl] ethynyl}benzoate
  • cis -Thiothixene
  • Chloropropamide
  • Creatine monohydrate
  • 1,4-Bis-(2-phenethyloxy-ethanesulfonyl)-piperazine
  • Clomipramine hydrochloride
  • alpha- Lactose monohydrate
  • Promazine hydrochloride
  • Tolbutamide
  • Carbamazepine dihydrate
  • Famotidine form B
  • Diltiazem hydrochloride
  • Zopiclone dihydrate
  • Capsaicin
  • Sodium 4-[(E)-(4-hydroxyphenyl)diazenyl]benzene sulfonate dihydrate
  • 2-{[3-(2-phenylethoxy)propyl]sulfonyl}ethyl benzoate
  • S -Ibuprofen
  • Verapamil hydrochloride

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