Client Quote: "I wanted to let you know that the mill has worked exceptionally well. We have repeated a cocrystal screen for an in-house molecule, and we were able to generate all cocrystals found by time-intensive slurry method previously done (~1 week) in about 30 minutes."

Example Projects

An oil services company wanted to develop an innovative approach to their operations. They approached Automaxion and we attended their brain storming session and provided them with several useful ideas and approaches to the problem.

Dr Bysouth developed the concept for a very high throughput formulation robot used to screen and characterise crop protection formulations. Building the system was based on his assesment of capability, throughput and budget and the invention of enabling devices.

A personal care company wanted to automate their formulation laboratory. Automaxion provided ideas as to where productivity could be improved but also suggested that the proposed area for automation was not ideal.

About Automaxion


We are an innovative company and have been involved in diverse projects ranging from Oil Well cementing to Cosmetics Formulation. We can help you improve your lab practise, design better equipment or invent new systems. With knowledge of IP protection, we will also ensure you are both free to practise and that your innovations are protected.

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From the start, Automaxion has been involved in companies who are setting up automation in their laboratories and want input from people who are experienced, independent and creative. We have performed studies for:

end user companies invesigating the potential of High Throughput Experimentationprovider companies wanting to improve their product performancecompanies seeking ideas that make products meet the end-users requirements

In addition and in association with other companies, we are able to bring a broad suite of services and resources to our clients from mechanical engineering to decision and strategy analysis.

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Automaxion has developed unique patented systems that increase the productivity of our clients, including sample milling, cocrystal screening, homogenisation tools. These products can be used in the development of Crop Protectants, Pharmaceuticals, Ink and Pigment Dispersions, Foods, Ceramics, Catalysts, Metallization Pastes, etc. Our system is what we believe to be a tool that enables the fastest way to screen cocrystals in the pharmaceuticals industry. Our latest application of the technology is the most convenient way to screen pigment dispersions for coatings and ink development. If you have something that you think could benefit by using our mill, then please let us know. We are always interested in trying something new.

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Joint Developments

Automaxion is open to jointly developing solutions for our customers. If you have a bottleneck in your workflow and would like us to solve it, then please contact us. Think of the worst problem you have in your lab: such challenges are what we like to tackle!

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Our Clients


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About Automaxion

Now based in France, Dr Bysouth gained his extensive experience working in the UK, The United States and The Netherlands for universities, multinationals and start-ups. He started his own company, Automaxion, to make his independent and innovative approach to laboratory research more broadly available.

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